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Ready Roast Goes Solar

Reasons for Green Initiatives

Ready Roast Nut Company has ambitious plans to grow as a company. As we grow, we are responsible for reducing our environmental impact. We believe in expanding our markets while fueling sustainable practices and innovation. We believe it is our commitment to our customers, employees and community to integrate sustainability into our company practices and products. 


As a leading supplier of value-added tree nuts to the largest food manufacturers in the world, our objective is to be a collaborative partner with our customers to help achieve their targeted goals with green initiatives.

We took our first big step in sustainability with the installation of our solar energy program at our new facility in Madera, California.  Our solar panels are expected to generate more then 676,000 kWh annually and avoid over 1 million pounds of CO2 emissions a year.  This is equivalent to CO2 emissions from 91 passenger vehicles per year!

Ready Roast Nut Co.

Ready Roast Nut Co.

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