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    Trusted Partner and Supplier of Roasted & Manufactured Nuts, Nut Butters, Powders & Mixes

    About Us


    Ready Roast Nut Company was established in 2006 by a trio of professionals from the food processing industry who saw an opportunity to address the growing demand for value-added tree nuts. We started with a processing facility in Hughson, CA (USA) where we produce large volumes of oil and dry roasted nuts for the dairy and other food processing industries.

    • In 2007 we acquired the Madera Quality Nut (MQN) facility located in Madera, CA (USA). MQN was a well established nut processor who had been serving ingredient buyers worldwide since 1996 and continues to be a strong and trusted brand for natural, roasted and manufactured almonds and tree nuts.

    • In 2012 we completed our newest facility that also stands as our corporate headquarters. Also located in Madera, CA, it allows us to offer even more to our customers; incorporating the latest technologies for quality, sustainability, stringent controls for food safety and added space for increased processing and storage capacity. 

    • In September of 2015 we acquired a peanut shelling facility in Portales, NM (USA). This allowed us to work with growers in producing high quality organic Valencia peanuts; known for their red skins and sweet taste! For all kinds of shelled and In-Shell peanuts, these are the best around. The high quality and food safety standards that we believe in for tree nuts has now been infused into the peanut community where we continue to grow and establish ourselves as an industry leader.


    Our mission is to be the industry’s leading value-added nut processing company.

    We offer whole, diced and sliced tree nuts, trail mixes and nut butters.

    Our Falcon Facility is a dedicated peanut free facility.   

    Our Products




    Meeting the needs of our customers every time.

    Our facilities are equipped with the following tree nut processing capabilities:

    • Dry Roasting

    • Oil Roasting

    • Seasoning

    • Manufacturing

    • Organic Certification



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